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FoodBeacon is an AI/ML based foodtech company that brings safety, automated compliance, and tracking through new solutions using IoT. FoodBeacon was created out of a need for low-cost alert systems that can identify when holding temperatures for hot and cold sections fail. The Company continues to develop new foodtech solutions for tracking, compliance, and improved customer experiences.


FoodBeacon–TM uses IoT to automate the monitoring of FDA mandated holding temperatures for hot and cold food in a variety of food establishments in a simple and easy to understand way.

FoodBeacon-TM-C now connects through cellular networks rather than Wi-Fi, allowing you to track your food temperatures in Wi-Fi free environments in your supply chains, such as in warehouses or in transit.

How it works:

FoodBeacon-TM and TM-C record temperature as often as you decide, alerting you when customizable thresholds have been breached allowing you to take corrective action. All data is automatically stored securely in the cloud where users can view past entries and trends on a user-friendly interface, via desktop browser or smartphone app.


  • Fully customizable reading intervals to get temperature information as frequently as you please.
  • Get Alerts! Customize your alerts to get notified when something isn’t right, via text, email, and/or notifications from the FoodBeacon app.
  • Hassle free, our devices are easy to install and connect directly to Wi-Fi (or cellular network), no expensive gateways to set up.
  • Security, we ensure your data is encrypted and safely stored on your profile in the cloud where only authorized personnel have access to it.
  • Devices take 2 AA batteries, which last for 2 years before needing to be replaced.

Food Beacon

The straightforward FoodBeacon dashboard allows store owners and managers to see the bigger picture providing a complete analytical view of recorded temperatures, alerts, failures, and battery voltage. Owners with multiple food establishments can easily navigate through each of them on our app or website.

FoodBeacon-CX is a proximity beacon that uses Bluetooth technology to drive better customer experience via push notifications through restaurants existing smart phone applications. FoodBeacon-CX also observes consumer habits, providing valuable data analytics for our clients.

FoodBeacon-QA tracks orders all the way from input in the point of sales system to the customers hands and ensures the order is accurate to the buyer’s specifications. Eliminating errors in the food preparation process increases customer satisfaction and cuts costs on waste.

FoodBeacon-TP integrates with point of sales systems to verify payments on orders, preventing theft or handouts.



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The FoodBeacon team have worked together in various capacities throughout their careers and have a comradery that is intangible. The team is a group of successful entrepreneurs who hold advanced degrees in computer science, engineering, math, physics, finance, marketing, and business with specializations in data science, including AI and Machine Learning. They also serve on the boards of educational and philanthropic institutions.
Madhu Siddalingaiah

Madhu Siddalingaiah


Madhu has over 30 years of inter-disciplinary experience applying great technology for many different organizations, such as FINRA, Apple, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Food and Drug Administration, and the US Department of Defense.

Over the years, Madhu has developed numerous innovative products and solutions at startups and established companies. Examples include: Machine Learning systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Big Data systems, mobile medical applications, as well as enterprise applications and specialized hardware. Madhu holds US and EU patents. Madhu has authored multiple books and training courses. Madhu has presented papers at technology conferences all over the world, including London, Munich, Sydney, and many US locations.

After developing a low-cost recording device called RattleTale, which was designed to detect mishandling of parcels during shipment by monitoring shock and temperature, Madhu realized a similar concept could be applied to preventing food borne illness in casual dining restaurants. RattleTale did not support real time monitoring of temperature, it required a person to scan each device manually to collect data. To address this limitation, he developed a new design based on Wi-Fi communication. This new product was called FoodBeacon.

Tom Blair

Tom Blair

Vice President of Business Development

At FoodBeacon, Tom leads the business development team to conduct market research and competitor analysis. Tom brings strong experience working in investment research, finance, and data analytics. Tom previously was with Monumental Sports & Entertainment where he helped coordinate and organize media and marketing events for the Washington Wizards and Mystics. Tom assisted healthcare start up Med-X, constructing data sheets for financially struggling hospitals. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Clemson University.